Cardano Catalyst Proposals
Pillarwheel Studios seeks funding for an organization not only with strong foundations, but works in progress that show progress in the direction targeted.
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Fall 2022
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Cardano Catalyst is a funding system for the Cardano blockchain. The following are projects involving the Pillarwheel Studio's projects in development:

PillarWheel Studios Cardano Apps


Immigration Documents on Chain Pt.1

Immigration Documents on Chain Pt.2

CTO, Steven Sevic, has had a varied career in journalism/media production and information technology. Starting in the 1990s: these two worlds needed each other. Creating websites and 3D graphics led to coding, now C# based, and as lead: Steve can carry most development solo.

We have contacted and a few other Cardano developers concerning the blockchain integration aspects of the project. Steven Sevic, project lead, was a media producer for over 20 years, a 2D and 3D graphic artist, and for several years now: in I.T. support and development. If all else fails: this could be trimmed down to a solo project, but the funds will help assist overcoming any obstacles such as needing to have the artists focus on providing their components while Steven focuses on Unity development using preexisting assets.
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Creative Minds Coming Together in the Ozarks
Our base in Fayetteville, Arkansas is sometimes known as a sister city to Austin, Texas, U.S. that has over 50 game studios alone that include Electronic Arts and Blizzard. Movie and entertainment companies numbering over a hundred, yet, our state of Arkansas having only a few.

Contact us for exciting and new ventures centered on having core principals and actions based upon the needs of our audiences, while providing products and services that establishes persistent and positive influences.
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